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Cutting Edge Traditional!

February 22, 2016
(last updated)

This site is Huge, find it all in the link above.

On the Bench
FT-00-NF          D. tuc./White Spruce
JZ-16                  Cherry/Sitka
Recently Completed:
FT-00-N            BRW/Italian
FT-00-NF          Catalpa/White Spruce
FT-L00-WRX   Pernambuco/White Spr
JZ-16                  Big Leaf/Engelmann
FT-15-D Kerala   BRW/Adi (mp3)
FT-L00-WRX   Pernambuco/German
FT-000-W          All Claro Walnut
FT-15-D Kerala  BRW/Adi
JZ/2-15-C          Big Leaf/German Spr
FT-L00              Pernambuco/German
FT-L00-WRX   Claro Walnut/German
FT-L00-WRX    Magnolia/Adi
FT-00C-Kerala  Pernambuco/German
FT-15                 BRW/Italian
FT-0-JB/2          BRW/Adi
JB-Uke-Bari       All Koa
FT-000-C           Euro-Pear/German
FT-0                   Blk Limba/Engelmann
FT-15-WRX       D. tuc./Carpathian
FT-0-JB/2           Maple/Engelmann
JB-Uke               Koa SS MultiScale
FT-000-D           BRW/Carpathian
FT-15-WRX       Magnolia/Catalpa (mp3)
FT-0-JB/2           Amazon/German (mp3)
FT-15.5 Kerala   Pernambuco/Adi
ES-000-C           H. Mah./Italian
FT-0-JB/2           BRW/Italian
JB-16                  Pernambuco/Italian
FT-15                  D. tuc./Adi
FT-0-JB/2 Companion        BRW/Adi
FT-00-K         All-Koa (TAMCO) mp3
FT-15             H. Mah/Adi  Artifact
ES-15 "29"      H. Mah/Adi  Artifact
JB-15-D         H. Mahogany/Redwood
ES-15-"29"     H.Mah./Adi  - Video
JB-15             All Koa
JB-15-L         Pernambuco/MoonSpruce
FT-15.5 Kerala  Walnut/Redwood   mp3
FT-00               D. Tucarensis/Italian
FT-15.5-Kerala Ebony/R'Wood mp3
FT-15-"Kerala" BRW/Italian
FT-00              Maple/Euro "Artifact"
FT-15     BRW/Adi or BRW/Engelmann
JB-15-D          Pernambuco/Adi

FT-15-Kerala - Master Class
ES-000-C      Koa/Carpathian
FT-15-JB       HRW/Italian (take 2)
JB-00  Pernambuco/Italian mp3
FT-15-JB       HRW/Italian
JB-15-K         All Koa

Tim Weed connects with my WRX!
"an Anecdote"

Acoustic Guitar Magazine
video reviews my FT-0-JB-2.

Next Festival:
Possibly Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival in June/2016, but more certainly The Santa Barbara Show at the end of September/2016

There is a nicely written article on my work and the Pear Guitar (among other things) in the March 2015 issue of
Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

Peghead Nation
deserves your attention
They have mine, as you can see in this
new video.

Click here
for a list of guitars
available right now
in my shop.

Video Interview at HGF, 2013

Here is a 2010 video interview made in my shop:

And here's yet another video!
The Producer is Paul Reynolds,  Thanks, Paul!
The sound track is called "Guadalajara", and was penned by myself in 1974 or so.


I have assembled many of my
"Sound Clips" (MP3's mostly)
onto one page called
My Big Gig
Check it out!


"Flattie" & an FT-15-Kerala
@Luthier's Collection

FS In My Shop:

'12 Artifact
'11 JB-14
'07 FT-16-D

My Thinking.
No, really!

A picture of my first commissioned guitar, still owned/played by Joe Mock!
How Larry Clyman came to own an '09 Sexauer WRX Pernambuco.
One of the 16 Sexauer instruments played in our performance Feb 18 at Schoenberg Guitars.

I am making a increasing number of Ukuleles.

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